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Katya, swans and Vesuvius

In order not to waste gasoline, we decided to drive the same car. In the trunk of the Tsukatovskaya "Suzuchka", constrained by two backpacks, Bros was busy fiddling with - a smart Russian spaniel, friendly in nature and silky to the touch - he kept sticking his nose out from behind the back of the back seat, on which stood a cardboard box with quiet decorating ducks and rubber boat in a case. Pyotr Alekseevich was sitting next to the professor, who was restlessly, with dignity driving the car through the emerging blue of dawn.

The spring was delayed, but the snow in the fields had already melted, only in the forest sometimes the dirty white tongues of dying spongy snowdrifts could be seen between the trunks. And they, as the car rolled south, flashed less and less.

- You know, I don't read literature now. So - by specialty, - Professor Tsukatov spoke with a grain of salt in his voice, from time to time tugging at the cuffs on the pilot's leather jacket, in the circumstances of the hunt, a little dapper: the cuffs interfered - he clung to the watch strap. - It makes sense to write down what is worthy of the record. From biblical times, from the "Mahabharata" and Homer, this rule is more and more diluted by the watery substance of the empty word. And now the Internet has completely drowned the very concept of meaning in the slops. And the blame for everything, damn it, is the mediocre semi-literate "I", which also requires recognition and immortality, as the "I" is truly outstanding. They got in a mess - the Internet, preaching freedom of information, violated the hierarchy. The opinion of a specialist now weighs as much there as the opinion of the first comer. And this first comer does not miss the opportunity to pour his song into your ears - for the most part, completely idiotic.

This was the professor's answer to Pyotr Alekseevich's attempt to start a conversation about the recently sensational novel he had just read. The thought of Pyotr Alekseevich looked like this: modern literature either presents ideas, proposing with their help something understand, or demonstrates feelings that she is no longer able to excite. In both cases, it turns out something like a visual aid in the classroom, where wise teachers read a lecture to students: there, on this table, like Christ, a tapeworm is crucified. However, these ideas and feelings are just artistic vanity, a trick, hare loops. After all, the author, in reality, is a working model of purgatory, a refuge of souls, where they await with trepidation the decision of their fate. And he is the master of this shelter. And therefore, his main task is to determine the lot for the hero, from which he cannot get away.

Despite the age of friendship (they studied together at the university for a couple of years, then their paths diverged - one moved to science, the other to printing, - but the connection was not lost over the years), Pyotr Alekseevich, when meeting with Tsukatov, sometimes felt some latent resistance, as if the professor did not agree in advance with everything that Pyotr Alekseevich thinks and says, but for some reason he was in no hurry to report it directly. Pyotr Alekseevich was in no hurry to ascribe the reason for this anticipatory denial, sometimes giving off snobbery, self-righteousness acquired out of nowhere by the Tsukatov - after all, years of friendship obliged, if not to forgiveness, then to patient attention. Although, of course, it was impossible not to notice the change: the current Tsukatov, unlike the old one, could easily afford to be late for a meeting, if she was not appointed by the rector, and defiantly ignore the greetings of students who accidentally met on the Karelian country road. As if the professor already knew the main secret about this or that person in advance: not to be a falcon, and did not intend to waste an extra minute of his life on him.

In response to the negligence in relation to the conversation he had started, Pyotr Alekseevich said:

- As for the literature on the specialty. In the scientific community, it is believed that every professor should write a book that will bring him fame. But there are not enough outstanding discoveries for everyone, so now, in order to be in the focus of attention, the professors simply imagine the views of their predecessor as fundamentally wrong and so get out of the situation. The more significant was the one over whom they now mock, the more effective the technique. It's not difficult. What about you? If nonsense is confirmed by a couple of references, it is no longer nonsense, but the truth.

“It’s different in fundamental science,” replied Tsukatov with hidden annoyance. - The continuity of the school is important there.

Pyotr Alekseevich realized that revenge had taken place.

Years of acquaintance taught them not to be afraid of either hanging pauses or a white-hot argument, but at the same time they did not at all smooth out the corners with which their natures clung when they touched. The professor loved order in everything, and considered his grace indisputable, Pyotr Alekseevich was a supporter of the natural existence of things. When Tsukatov looked into the night sky, he saw a monstrous, impermissible chaos - if it were his will, he would have put all the stars in their places and nailed there so that they would not move. And how to tame the moon - it's scary to imagine. Perhaps he kept it forever outlined by a compass and paved the way for it, or maybe erased it forever with an eraser. Riddle. Pyotr Alekseevich, in his turn, have power over matter, in the night sky he would not touch anything - let it be as it is - he would just watch, drowning the attempts of thoughts in the interstellar blackness, and, now trembling, now exulting, felt feelings.

Perhaps for this reason (humility before the winding spring of the universe), Petr Alekseevich was not zealous in his plans, relying largely on luck, and did not fall into a frenzy when it was not possible to bring this or that matter to the point. Tsukatov, on the other hand, always furnished the smallest work thoroughly, studied the issue from face to lining, as if he was sure that the Lord God himself was watching what valve he would choose for the chimney of the country stove, and the verdict of the Last Judgment would be handed down to him precisely as a result of this choice.

The bridge across Toporovka was being repaired. It looks like it was in an emergency order - in a hurry they didn't even have time to set up a temporary workaround. I had to give a hook.

Turning onto a bypass dirt road, Tsukatov stopped at the side of the road and took out a tablet. Bros squeaked in the hope that now he would be released for a run, but in vain - on the way, the owner had already made a stop, provided for by the healthy routine of a dog's life, and there was no need for one more. Drawings and letters appeared on the electronic tablet. Summoning the spirit of the map, the professor turned the image with his finger as he explored the circuit route.

“Thirty kilometers,” Tsukatov estimated the scope of the upcoming squiggle.

The unfamiliar road cheered me up. There were no longer a trace of spongy snowy tongues. Around - the ocher of meadows, the luscious blue of the sky, transparent black copses, hiding placers of primroses, and dark coniferous greenery. In some places, the arrows of young grass were already visible, and on the edges of the road sometimes there was a mother-and-stepmother who hatched. The ground was hilly and falling - when the road climbed a hillock, wide landscape distances with a horizon lost in the haze opened up, sparse in colors, black-yellowish-brown, but expressive in their ascetic severity. The villages in these places looked inhabited - haze smoked here and there over the rooftops, and the fields lay well-groomed and ready for sowing. As if there was no wildness of the land, which left a mournful trail throughout the non-black earth, where the roofs of state farm cowsheds gaped with holes, and arable lands have long been replaced by overgrown wastelands.

After the hunt, Tsukatov intended to present the decoy ducks to Pal Palych. He himself received them from the head of the university construction group, a passionate and skillful hunter, who kept half a dozen decoys in the attic of one of the educational buildings. And here in the building they started repairs - they blocked the roof, - so he handed out ducks.

When we arrived at Novorzhev, Tsukatov told Pal Palych about the gift.

- And nya is necessary, - scattering the Yakat Pskov talk, Pal Palych spoiled the ceremony of beneficence. - Why should I? I'm rarely a duck - that's just with you, or even when. And feed them.

Description and characteristics of the variety

The f1 purple pigeon is widely used in landscape design for the decoration of plots and home gardens. The original bushes look spectacular:

  • in flower beds and rabatkas,
  • in flowerpots on terraces,
  • in flower beds,
  • in separate landings and combined containers.

Cabbage gives an attractive look to balconies, city parks, arboretums. It is convenient to use it to decorate office and retail areas.

Florists use exquisite plants to create colorful bouquets. Forks are formed by the beginning of August, the hybrid variety is mid-season. Vegetation lasts 120-130 days.

What you should know about culture:

  • strong semi-spreading sockets,
  • the height of the bushes is 20-40 cm,
  • strong stumps,
  • developed root system,
  • diameter of forks 20-25 cm,
  • bright purple-purple coloration.

Cabbage easily tolerates cold snaps and freezes down to -10-12 degrees. Retains the decorative effect of the heads until the onset of frost (October, November). If desired, the bushes can be grown in bulky pots and brought into the house or greenhouse with the onset of frost. The beauty of the plant will last until the New Year.

Leaves have nutritional value and useful composition (antioxidants and anthocyanins, vitamin and mineral substances). Forks can be used for cooking, feeding animals in late autumn.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • original look,
  • frost resistance,
  • tolerance of temperature jumps,
  • the ability to grow in light shade,
  • unpretentiousness,
  • stress tolerance,
  • combination with various colors,
  • strong immunity to cabbage infections.

  • needs systematic watering.


The purple pigeon can be used not only for decoration, but also in cooking. To do this, carefully prune the leaves during the season. Productivity from 1 m2 is equal to 3-4 kg.


Cabbage Purple pigeon f1 belongs to the ornamental species, the bushes are planted in a sunny place next to annual and perennial flowers.

What are the rules for planting and initial care:

  • use fertile land,
  • close up seed material by 1-2 cm,
  • dive when 2 cotyledons appear.

Seedlings are transplanted to a stationary place when 5-6 leaves grow back. The distance between the holes is 50 cm.

Growing and care

Cultivation is not difficult, it is carried out according to the following rules:

  1. Watering. It is enough to moisten the flower beds with settled water 1-2 times a week.
  2. Top dressing. It will take 2-3 times per season to add nitrogen compounds (in the first feeding), then when the head ripens, superphosphate and potassium chloride are used.
  3. Loosening and hilling... Needed to strengthen the root mass.

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Semana Santa (Holy Week)

As in Russia, Spain has Holy Week, which begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter.

Semana Santa (Spanish la Semana Santa), literally translated as Holy Week or Passion Week in Russian, is an annual celebration of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. All week in Spain there are regular red days of the calendar. Almost everything is closed, and rightly so, this is not the time for work, but for various liturgical Christian denominations.

Almost in all the provinces and cities of Spain (especially in the south of the country - in Andalusia), from early morning until late at night, magnificent and solemn processions take place, in which "from old to young" take part. All participants (the so-called repentant sinners) wear high pointed caps with holes for the eyes. The color can be different, depending on belonging to a particular fraternity. For example, the Brotherhood of Suffering (in honor of the one who helped Jesus raise the cross to Mount Calvary) or the Gypsy brotherhood (representing Christ in the form of a swarthy gypsy, el Moreno).

This type of garment allows you to maintain the anonymity of remorse. Ladies, as a rule, are in all black and in mantilla, with candles in their hands.

Absolutely everyone involved in the process is singing, goosebumps run down the spine, and it takes your breath away. Something solemn, mysterious is approaching, taking over the soul and plunging into the abyss of the strongest emotions.

Participants carry so-called "platforms" (pasos) depicting various scenes of the Passion of Christ. The platforms surprise with their size - up to human height and captivate with their design - with gilded figures. Well, what a Spanish holiday is possible without an orchestra, a clear and rhythmic drum roll, as well as sweets that "sinners" treat children to.

What do Russian and Spanish Easter have in common?

In addition to the above religious similarities, as in Russia, Spanish Easter is a family holiday, as well as an extra reason for a mini-vacation, when residents gather with families and go to the sea, out of town, for barbecue. If your vacation falls during the Spanish Easter period, take care of purchasing and booking tickets and hotels in advance. During this period, prices are incredibly high, as during the hottest tourist season.

Ⓘ Chicken pigeons

Chicken pigeons are a genus of birds from the pigeon family.

Small pigeons with a body length of 20 - 30 cm and weighing up to 300 g. Distributed on the islands of the Malay Archipelago, New Guinea, and the islands of Oceania.

1. Types

The genus includes 19 - 20 species:

  • Gallicolumba stairi - Samoan chicken pigeon
  • Gallicolumba sanctaecrucis - Santa Cruz chicken pigeon
  • Gallicolumba beccarii - Gray-breasted chicken pigeon
  • Gallicolumba xanthonura - White-chinned chicken pigeon
  • Gallicolumba jobiensis - White-breasted chicken pigeon
  • Gallicolumba rufigula - Yellow-chested chicken pigeon
  • † Gallicolumba salamonis - Large-billed chicken pigeon
  • Gallicolumba luzonica - Luzon blood-chested chicken pigeon
  • Gallicolumba hoedtii - Vetara chicken pigeon
  • Gallicolumba keayi
  • Gallicolumba menagei
  • Gallicolumba tristigmata - Sulawesian chicken pigeon
  • † Gallicolumba ferruginea
  • † Gallicolumba norfolciensis
  • Gallicolumba crinigera
  • Gallicolumba kubaryi
  • Gallicolumba erythroptera - Red-winged chicken pigeon
  • Gallicolumba canifrons - Palauan chicken pigeon
  • Gallicolumba platenae
  • Gallicolumba rubescens - Marquesas chicken pigeon

  • Red-winged chicken pigeon or purple-shouldered ground pigeon lat. Gallicolumba erythropterus is an endangered pigeon bird
  • The Marquesas chicken pigeon Gallicolumba rubescens is a species of birds of the pigeon family. It is endemic to French Polynesia. Its natural habitats
  • Domestic pigeons are different in color, body shape, pattern and structure of plumage, flying ability. Conditionally for practical use, all domestic pigeons are divided
  • resemble chickens Leads mainly a terrestrial lifestyle, but in danger of flying up trees. It flies pretty badly. The pigeon feeds on seeds and fruits
  • Pavlovsky Posad, 2005.S. Golubov Gerasim Kurin - 1942.B. Chubar. Gerasim Matveevich Kurin - 1987. A.S. Markin. G.M. Kurin and the Vokhonsky self-defense detachment
  • domestic pigeons Columba livia var. domestica At the time of the Great Discoveries, man carried with him all his belongings, including pigeons. Subsequently
  • Kurlychi Chicken Pigeons Gallicolumba 16 - 17 extant species, 3 - 4 recently extinct Trugon Pheasant Pigeons Subfamily Otidiphabinae Pheasant Pigeons
  • bluish-gray in color and located in the back of the occiput. How the pigeons actually held and used their crest is not known, since in field notes
  • earthen pigeons and pigeons are leptotils. A more detailed study in 2010 found that the wandering pigeon's closest relatives are pigeons of the genus
  • Silver-striped pigeon or silver-backed pigeon lat. Columba jouyi - an extinct species of pigeons It was a large, larger pigeon Columba palumbus with a very
  • parts of the digestive tract chickens, parrots, some passerines: bullfinch, crossbill, chaffinch and others In pigeons from the 8th day of incubation
  • Dove Dubois, or Reunion blue dove lat. Nesoenas mayeri duboisi is an extinct subspecies of birds from the pigeon family. The bird was first described by Dubois in
  • frugivorous pigeons - Hemiphaga New Zealand frugivorous pigeon - Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae Chicken pigeons - Gallicolumba Norfolk chicken pigeon - Gallicolumba
  • Tavitavinsky earthen pigeon lat. Gallicolumba menagei is a bird species from the Columbidae family. Endemic to the Philippine island of Tavi - Tavi and surrounding islets
  • Hemeralopia is often referred to as night blindness. The disease received this name because chickens and other daytime birds have sparrows, crows, pigeons and daytime predators
  • ashes. The island is home to a rare endangered species of Santa - Krussky lat chicken pigeons. Gallicolumba sanctaecrucis but birdwatchers have not visited the island
  • Bonin pigeon lat. Columba versicolor is an extinct bird of the pigeon family. Endemic to the Bonin Islands. The Bonin pigeon was 45 cm long. The back
  • Red-capped motley pigeon lat. Ptilinopus mercierii is an extinct bird of the pigeon family. Endemic to French Polynesia. last record
  • Red-winged chicken pigeon Gallicolumba erythroptera E Marquesas chicken pigeon Gallicolumba rubescens E Gray-green spotted pigeon Ptilinopus
  • is 30 - 40 eggs, in some breeds - up to 100 eggs. Main article: Pigeons Main article: Ostrich According to the Producers and Traders Association
  • 2 long hairs extend at the edges of the body. Chickens, turkeys, pheasants, geese, pigeons and other birds are sick. The pathogen parasitizes in the subcutaneous tissue and muscle connective
  • tick bites Dermanyssus gallinae, characterized by skin lesions. Chicken mite Dermanyssus gallinae De Geer, 1778 - temporary blood-sucking ectoparasite
  • endemic or endangered species. For example, the Luzon blood-breasted chicken pigeon Filipino harpy, a rare river fish Ludong Eng. Russian, which
  • infected birds. Birds of the chicken family are mainly affected, as well as canaries, finches, pigeons. Ticks parasitize on the membranes of air sacs, walls
  • prepared from the squab meat of young pigeons In the modern world, the ingredients for its creation are often chicken, fish or offal. Often
  • Pigeons Rock pigeon Columba livia I lupe palagi, foreign pigeon White-chinned pigeon Columba vitiensis fiaui Samoan chicken pigeon Gallicolumba
  • Ocellated turkey Meleagris ocellata Cuvier, 1820 - chicken bird of the New World from the genus of turkeys, pheasant family. Slightly smaller than a turkey
  • they called him Braganza. It belonged to the king of Portugal and had the shape of a chicken egg. The weight of the topaz was 1640 carats 328 g and the cost - 57 million
  • a wandering dove is a human being. Once upon a time multimillion flocks of these birds flew in the sky of North America. Seeing food, pigeons rushed like huge locusts
  • Production company Tureen, or seething passions Single productions: Chicken heads A. Shpiro Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, Moscow Exodus M. Mekhanoshin

Article source:

Novital Spennaquaglie ESTERINA Stacking machine for.

Download this premium vector on Birds theme in flat style collection. illustration of chicken and parrot, sparrow and pigeon and discover over 8. Luzon blood-chested chicken dove. Gallicolumba luzonica Luzon blood-chested chicken pigeon Gallicolumba menagei † Gallicolumba norfolciensis Gallicolumba platenae Gallicolumba.

Who is smarter: a pigeon or a chicken? - Yandex.Q.

Advertisements for the sale of birds in Gergebil: laying hens, budgerigars, Jaco parrots, pigeons, crows at affordable prices. Buy. Chicken white-chinned pigeon Gallicolumba xanthonura Zooclub. Chicken pigeons are a fairly numerous genus of birds of the pigeon family. Chicken pigeons are small pigeons with a body length of about. Chickens, pigeons, parrots, crows buy Yula hen hen. Chicha spoke out, put the pigeon on the ground, took out a whole baked or fried chicken carcass from his pocket and put it next to the pigeon.

Mountain meat pigeon breast with white carrot puree, etc.

I don’t know why the pigeon and hen didn’t choose this condition. pios ego znaet 2017. yeah, and the chicken does not fly, but the chicken is a bird. Doves: where are they from? Chicken, goose, duck in your yard. 100pcs chicken pigeons rings 8mm bayonet identification ring opening pigeon ring color pigeon feet ring accessories for.

Who is smarter: a pigeon or a chicken? TheQuestion.

Breeding method for pigeons and laying eggs. If you ask any person what color chicken eggs are, they will answer: white or brown. Parrots, chickens, pigeons, chicks, chickens in Rueme, private. The virus responsible for panzootic infection among pigeons in the 1980s, in the field, the breeding environment for VNB is fertilized chicken eggs.

Fried pigeons. 500 recipes from around the world.

On August 14, 2018 Alexandra Khlopotova replied: Domesticated chicken is one of the most studied representatives of birds. Is a pigeon a chicken? Answers. The name Luzon blood-chested chicken pigeon Gallicolumba luzonica is due to a bright red, as if bloody, spot on the chest. The ancestral home of pigeons is established by DNA - analytical. Chicken Pigeons and Ducklings by Edgar Hunt Fine Art Reproductions Edgar Hunt. Chicken Pigeons stock photo & more pictures. Rare pigeons, ponies, rabbit, turkey and chicken. Yuri Neelov expanded the pigeon exhibition in Tyumen. January 17, 2018. Categories :. Birds: Chickens, pigeons, parrots, crows, budgerigars. Wild pigeons appeared on earth about 35 million years ago in the Oligocene era. They inhabited Australia and the Indo Australian Archipelago.

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Only the head of the family has 10 species of pigeons. Pigeons, peacocks, sidewalks, Jacobins, Arabs, seagulls - for all the years of breeding which only. Genus Chicken Pigeons Gallicolumba Phlegoenas. Chicken lice are one of the problems faced by all sources of infection - wild birds: crows, sparrows, pigeons. Pigeons Stock Photos, Royalty Free Chicken pigeons are a genus of birds from the pigeon family. Small pigeons with a body length of 20-30 cm and weighing up to 300 g. Distributed on the islands of the Malay Archipelago, New Guinea, and the islands of Oceania.

A duet of pigeon and chicken breast from the Arcadia Culinary School.

The Russian name is Nicobar or maned pigeon. Latin name Legs are large, chicken-like, red in color. Lifestyle and. Chicken Pigeons and Ducklings by Edgar Hunt Reproductions. Advertisements for the sale of birds: laying hens, budgerigars, Jaco parrots, pigeons, crows at affordable prices. Buy a purebred bird.

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Product Description: 100 Pcs Chicken Pigeon Rings 8mm Bayonet Identification Ring Opening Pigeon Ring Color Pigeon Foot Ring. By the way, the logic at the institute flunked, more than 12 years worried. Few people think that pigeons are carriers of about 90 pathogens of various diseases, of which about 10 are zoonotic diseases. Chicken pigeons genus Animal Reader. Advertisements for the sale of birds in Aisne: laying hens, budgerigars, Jaco parrots, pigeons, crows at affordable prices. Buy a thoroughbred.

Online shop Chicken teat, water absorber, diameter.

Download the photo of Chicken Pigeons right now. And browse the iStock royalty-free stock images library for even more 2015, photos. Like a chicken paw. Novital Spennaquaglie ESTERINA feathering machine for plucking feathers of poultry, chicken, quail, pigeon. Details of. Birds in flat style collection. illustration of chicken and. The genus Chicken Pigeons Gallicolumba is represented by the species Red-breasted Chicken Pigeon Gallicolumba luzonica. The size of an adult bird is 28-30 cm.

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Advertisements for the sale of birds in Monetnoye: laying hens, budgerigars, Jaco parrots, pigeons, crows at affordable prices. Buy. Chickens, pigeons, parrots, crows in Gergebil buy chicken. Chicken pigeons lat. Gallicolumba is a genus of birds from the pigeon family. Small pigeons with a body length of 20-30 cm and weighing up to 500 g. Distributed on.

Pigeons pheasants hens roosters chickens - ads of Birch.

Chicken white-chinned pigeon. The head of the male is dark gray, the throat and chest are white, the back, uppertail and tail are slate black underside of the chest, sides, belly, etc. What can you get from birds in the city. Parrots, pigeons, as well as hatching eggs and poultry: laying hens, chickens, turkeys, goslings and others. Orpenkton Rooster and Hen. Beware of psittacosis or why it is dangerous to feed pigeons. Sulawesi chicken pigeon is common in Indonesia, Sulawesi. This small land pigeon inhabits tropical rain forests on. Chickens, pigeons, parrots, crows in Monetnoye buy chicken. In 85 percent of cases, the pigeon guesses correctly. An experiment with pigeons was carried out in Iowa City, Iowa, USA by four scientists from. 100 pcs chicken pigeons rings 8mm bayonet AliExpress. Nataliya Hodyreva asked a question in Animals, Plants and got 8 answers. Domestic pigeons. Chicken pigeons.

Luzon blood-breasted chicken pigeon. Gallicolumba luzonica.

Location: Birch. Published: April 17th. Viewed: 14408 times. Ad number: 2047722. I sell different chicken pigeons pheasants. Chicken pigeons. What are Chicken Pigeons. Advertisements for the sale of birds in Zubutli Miatlivshim: laying hens, budgerigars, Jaco parrots, pigeons, crows at affordable prices. Meat pigeons: main breeds, keeping and breeding. Chicken pigeons are fertile, large in size and large live. Sulawesian chicken pigeon Descriptions and photos of animals. Industrial Factory Price Chicken Quail Pigeons Birds Feather Hair Removal Plucker Plucking Machine, Find Complete.

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