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Sparkling Hummingbird / Colibri coruscans


The world of science and technology! 28 September 2014

The brilliant hummingbird (Colibri coruscans) inhabits northern parts of South America to Bolivia and northwestern Argentina. Sometimes birds climb up to 3500 meters in the mountains.

It nests mainly on rock ledges. A feature of this species is the participation of the male in feeding the chicks.

The males of the species are very warlike, despite their small size. The territory is designated by singing and sometimes most of the day is spent doing this.

Hummingbird in Tandayapa

I will continue to show birds from Tandayapa, which is located on the western slope of the Andes in Ecuador. Today the native hummingbirds (family Trochilidae) are represented. I have already shown the first two birds, and then there are photographs of new species for me. As usual, there was no time for thoughtful, unhurried bird watching, so how it happened, it happened.

Sparkling hummingbird (Colibri coruscans coruscans)

Red-tailed amazilia (Amazilia tzacatl jucunda)

Andean amazilia (Amazilia franciae viridiceps)

Pale-Tailed Crown Bearer (Boissonneaua flavescens tinochlora)

Brown-bellied diamond (Heliodoxa rubinoides aequatorialis)

Underwood's bannerman (Ocreatus underwoodii melanantherus)

Brown hummingbird (Colibri delphinae)

Benjamin's hummingbird (Urosticte benjamini)

Philodis Mitchell (Calliphlox mitchellii). The first two are male, the last are female.

Sparkling hummingbird

Breeds in northern South America to Bolivia and Northwest Argentina. Prefers various types of forests, plantations, gardens and open spaces with rare vegetation, rises up to 3,500 m in the mountains. During the current flight, the male first rises to a height of 20 m, and then abruptly decreases, making chirping sounds.

1. Reproduction

It nests mainly on rock ledges. A feature of this species is the participation of the male in feeding the chicks. The female lays 2 eggs, which incubate for 17 - 18 days.

2. Subspecies

  • Colibri coruscans Gould, 1846
  • Colibri coruscans germanus Salvin & Godman, 1884
  • Colibri coruscans rostratus W. H. Phelps & W. H. Phelps Jr, 1952
  • Sparkling hummingbirds lat. Lampornis - a genus of birds of the hummingbird family Blue-throated sparkling hummingbird Lampornis clemenciae Lesson, 1829 Amethyst-throated sparkling
  • the hummingbird Colibri thalassinus is also found in North America up to Canada. Colibri coruscans Gould, 1846 - sparkling hummingbird
  • Typical Latin hummingbirds. Trochilinae - subfamily of birds of the hummingbird family Abeillia Bonaparte, 1850 - Hummingbirds - abeyli Adelomyia Bonaparte, 1854 - Black-eared
  • Hummingbird - taluranium lat. Thalurania is a genus of birds of the hummingbird family. The mass of birds is from 4, 2 to 6, 0. The beak is curved, slightly longer than the head, black in color. Wings
  • vegetation. Often considered a subspecies of the Prevost hummingbird. The biology of the species is not well understood. The hummingbird is medium in size. The back of a male Veraguan mango
  • selasphorus lat. Selasphorus platycercus - a bird of the hummingbird family This hummingbird species is characterized by a noticeable rumble arising from the flapping of the wings
  • and Brazil and a hummingbird - a bee from Cuba - weigh 1, 6 - 1, 9 g. 12 - 14 g heavier than the average mass of a hummingbird Eutoxeres hummingbirds - sword-billed Ensifera
  • funeral hummingbird Phaethornis pretrei - solar hummingbird Pretra Phaethornis eurynome - gray-throated solar hummingbird Colibri coruscans - sparkling hummingbird Colibri
  • Hummingbirds Family: Hummingbird Tiny hummingbird Colibri thalassinus Duke hummingbird, Eugenes fulgens Blue-throated sparkling hummingbird Lampornis clemenciae
  • walked in one of the parks of Tel Aviv and suddenly saw a sparkling spherical object hovering above him, which was approaching, making sounds of high tones
  • his investigation. He last appears in the 1944 novel Blazing Cyanide, where he investigates the murder of an old friend. In this novel Reis
  • J. Brik Correspondence 1915 - 1930 - M .: Kniga, 1991 - ISBN 5 - 212 - 00601 - 5. Yangfeldt B. Stake - life - M .: CoLibri 2009 - ISBN 978 - 5 - 389 - 00417 - 7.
  • 1952, p. 462 - 463. Alberto Angela. One Day in Ancient Rome - Moscow: Hummingbird 2016. Mary Beard. SPQR: History of Ancient Rome - Moscow: Alpina non - fiction

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Taxonomy Species: The hummingbird is sparkling, or sparkling.

Create a sparkling picture with your own hands! The child will collect bright shining sequins into a single pattern with genuine interest. Green hummingbird with a sparkling blue throat, White-tailed. The subfamily of hermit hummingbirds includes six genera, most recently the blue-throated sparkling hummingbird Lampornis.

Birds of Paradise National Geographic Russia: the beauty of the world v.

The appearance of this small bright bird is fully consistent with its name - a sparkling Latin hummingbird. Colibri coruscans. Hummingbird Dictionary Multitran. Sparkling pendant from the Hummingbird collection with a colorless triangular topaz in 585 red gold, ref. 32251. Buy with pleasure at. Brooch Bird hummingbird, raspberry green in blackened. Duration: 4:53. Lampornis Swainson, 1827 Sparkling hummingbirds BVI Archives. Genus Hummingbird sun rays Aglaeactis Basilinna Boie, 1831. Genus Crowned hummingbirds Boissonneaua Genus Sparkling hummingbirds Lampornis. Set for creativity Developers Shine ART Hummingbirds to buy. Bienenelfe. Tiny hummingbird. Kleiner Veilchenohrkolibri. Cuban emerald hummingbird. Kubasmaragdkolibri. A purple-throated, sparkling hummingbird.

Sparkling Hummingbird is What is Sparkling Hummingbird ?.

Decorative collectible plate Hummingbird Collection In Flowers: Blue-throated sparkling hummingbird. Porcelain, decal, gilding, USA, Teresa. Glittering violet ear. Card Sparkling hummingbird. from the Kolibri collection in Yandex Collections.

Sparkling Hummingbird Birds.

Word test: sparkling hummingbird. Orthographic dictionary. Big explanatory dictionary. Management in Russian. Russian verbal. Hummingbird in German Russian German Glosbe. Hummingbird Three Sisters 6025857 in the online store W. Original and Domany Brosh Brooch Sparkling Ball 200 ₽. Tikhomirov. Applique sequins with glue layer Hummingbird, 30 × 45 cm. Card Sparkling hummingbird. Genus: Fialkouhi. from the collection Hummingbird. in ections.

3 EIE Living beings.

Does the hummingbird have a stunningly vibrant color? Its plumage shimmers and shines in the sun, resembling a sparkling gem. Sparkling hummingbird Colibri coruscans. We present to your attention excellent eyelashes Eva Bond Hummingbird Fest brown and dark chocolate, curl C, CC and D. Pay attention !. Hummingbird bird: 90 photos, main enemies, food and video. Published: 4 aug. 2018 Eyelashes Eva Bond Hummingbird Fest brown. Sparkling stars off a sparkling pathway Royalty Free Stock Photos Colorful Hummingbirds Costa Rica Central America Stock Photo.

Sparkling Hummingbird stock photo iStock.

Purple-throated sparkling hummingbird, Lampornis calolaemus pectoralis, Lesser violet hummingbird, Colibri cyanotus cabanidis, Lesser Violet ear. Handmade brooch Hummingbird buy in Moscow Personal belongings. Hummingbirds are the smallest birds on Earth. Their squad Top 15 most beautiful species of hummingbirds 15 photos Sparkling hummingbirds. The life of a hummingbird on a Van Cleef & Arpels watch. Let's take a look at the most beautiful hummingbird species in the world. White-chinned hummingbird Chilean fire-capped hummingbird A sparkling hummingbird. The word BLINDER What is BLINDER? Word meanings. Sparkling little bird brooch with delicate gold plating and crystals. Not marked, size 4 cm. Small graceful bird.

538 Sparkling Hummingbird Pictures, Photos & Images iStock.

5 Emerald hummingbirds 6 Inca hummingbirds 7 Nymph hummingbirds 8 Diamonds hummingbirds 9 Sapphires hummingbirds 10 Sparkling hummingbirds 11 Hummingbirds. Sparkling hummingbirds perching on a branch, Minca, Magdalena. Sparkling hummingbird. More information. Find this Pin and more on animalia by Suspiria. Tags. Animals And Pets. Subfamily Trochilinae. Hummingbirds are not only beautiful, like flowers, whose sweet nectar they drink. you can spot a sparkling hummingbird as soon as you leave the airport building. Sparkling vintage hummingbird brooch Stylish vintage. The coating has a smooth surface and looks like a sparkling mother of pearl. Application technology: 1. Prepare the nail plate. 2. Apply.

Word check: sparkling hummingbird GRAMOTA.RU.

Pick-up post Marisskaa with tags Hummingbirds, Birds, Nature, Photography, Milota, Longpost. Have a story to tell? Sparkling hummingbird. 15 most beautiful species of hummingbirds You will find new and used products in Hummingbird trendy necklaces & pendants on Multicolor Hummingbird charm pendant necklace sparkling crystal 17. Trochilinae. Colibri coruscans. Sparkling hummingbird. Section: Animals Chordates Swift birds New Edit Album: Family: Trochilidae.

Hummingbird is a ruby-throated bird. Photo, video.

Buy Brooch Hummingbird bird, crimson green in blackened gold Such a sparkling detail of the image will be relevant in a few moments. Rubbing TNL Prism, GLITTERING MIST Hummingbird. The ruby-throated hummingbird lives in the eastern states of the United States. is a fascinating journey into the world of sparkling plant messengers, and the latest.

Sparkling hummingbird.

Lampornis hemileucus, Brilliant Hummingbird, 880 x 584, 47 KB. Mellisuga helenae Patagona gigas, Colibri gigantic, 468 x 468, 34 KB. Selasphorus. The most beautiful species of hummingbirds are Picabu. Buy Vintage: Sparkling brooch in the shape of a hummingbird bird in the online store at the Fair of Masters, price: 3300 ₽. Handmade goods with. Sparkling hummingbird. Genus: Fialkouhi. card of the user. Download a stock photo of Green, Blue-throated Hummingbird, White-tailed Hillstar, Urochroa bougueri feeding from the cluster.

Decorative collectible plate Colibri collection V.

Violet Crowned Violet-capped Amazilia, Blue Throated Blue-throated Sparkling Hummingbird and Calliope Calliope Hummingbird. Glossy Stock Photos, Royalty Free Tail glossy pictures. Images of bright, sparkling sequins. The fascinating process of creativity will be interesting not only for kids, but also for all family members.

Asparagus-violet ear, Coruscany hummingbird, Corydalis next to orange flower, Tall albino bird, Machu picchu, Peru beautiful mid-sized hummingbird sucking catfish Neanderthal - Stock Photos, High quality pictures

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