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Petrel (Procellariiformes)


Typhoons (lat.Pterodroma) is a genus of seabirds from the petrel family (Procellariidae). They live on the high seas and are common in all oceans. Characteristic differences are a hooked beak at the tip, long wings and a short tail. The maximum wingspan of typhoons is 85 cm.

Typhoons nest in colonies on coastal rocks, laying one white egg and incubating it in a hole or on open ground. During the mating season, they are nocturnal. Outside the mating season, these birds spend all the time in the open sea and are able to adapt to the most difficult weather conditions. Their food is small fish and marine invertebrates that live near the surface of the water.

Bermuda Typhoon (Pterodroma cahow) is one of the rarest birds in the world. In the 17th century, this species almost disappeared, as it encountered new introduced predators in its range around Bermuda. Thanks to protective measures, its population has increased slightly today.

There are 33 types of typhoons in the genus:

  • White typhoon (Pterodroma alba)
  • Trinidad Typhoon (Pterodroma arminjoniana)
  • Henderson Typhoon (Pterodroma atrata)
  • Salvin's Chatham Typhoon (Pterodroma axillaris)
  • Typhoon Baro (Pterodroma baraui)
  • Short-legged typhoon (Pterodroma brevipes)
  • Bermuda Typhoon (Pterodroma cahow)
  • Jamaican Typhoon (Pterodroma caribbaea)
  • White-necked Typhoon (Pterodroma cervicalis)
  • Typhoon Cook (Pterodroma cookii)
  • Typhoon of Dephilippe (Pterodroma defilippiana)
  • White-necked Typhoon (Pterodroma externa)
  • Zelenomysky soft-feather typhoon (Pterodroma feae)
  • Black-capped typhoon (Pterodroma hasitata)
  • Trinidad Typhoon (Pterodroma heraldica)
  • Bonin Typhoon (Pterodroma hypoleuca)
  • Typhoon Schlegel (Pterodroma incerta)
  • Motley typhoon (Pterodroma inexpectata)
  • White-headed Typhoon (Pterodroma lessonii)
  • White-winged typhoon (Pterodroma leucoptera)
  • Typhoon of Steineger (Pterodroma longirostris)
  • Long-winged typhoon (Pterodroma macroptera)
  • Madeira Typhoon (Pterodroma madeira)
  • Chatham Typhoon (Pterodroma magentae)
  • Soft-feathered typhoon (Pterodroma mollis)
  • Kermadec Typhoon (Pterodroma neglecta)
  • Black-winged typhoon (Pterodroma nigripennis)
  • Galapagos Typhoon (Pterodroma phaeopygia)
  • Pycroft's Typhoon (Pterodroma pycrofti)
  • Hawaiian typhoon (Pterodroma sandwichensis)
  • Typhoon Solandra (Pterodroma solandri)
  • Pterodroma rupinarum
  • Typhoon Murphy (Pterodroma ultima)

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