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Raspberry-capped Spotted Pigeon / Ptilinopus pulchellus


  • Rotkappen-Fruchttaube (n) [the fruit dove species '' Ptilinopus pulchellus ''] (n)
  • Rotkappenfruchttaube (n) [the fruit dove species '' Ptilinopus pulchellus ''] (n)
  • Schöne Flaumfußtaube (n) [the fruit dove species '' Ptilinopus pulchellus ''] (n)


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»Raspberry-haired motley heart - Russian

Fan-carrying pigeon

Fruit Pigeon / Ducula bicolor

In the color of the two-tone fruit pigeon, there are really only two colors - white and black. Distributed from the coast of Burma through the Malay Peninsula, Indonesia and the Philippines to New Guinea. In Australia, it is found only on the north coast. Inhabits mainly rainforests, mangroves and coconut plantations. Breeds in colonies on islands. In search of food, it flies to other islands.

Bicolor fruit pigeon

Gorgeous Spotted Dove / Ptilinopus superbus

The coloration of the magnificent variegated pigeon is very bright. The male is much brighter than the female, differs in a large distribution of red on the head, the presence of a red collar and a black stripe on the chest, delimiting the gray chest from the white belly. Lives on the islands of Sulawesi, Moluccas, New Guinea and others. Also found on the northeast coast of Australia. Inhabits virgin rainforests and mangroves, secondary forests, and bushy thickets. Rarely nests in the vicinity of human settlements. Nest is located in trees.

Gorgeous speckled pigeon

Crimson-capped Pigeon / Ptilinopus pulchellus

The color is dominated by green, the nape is crimson. Lives in New Guinea and the islands of West Papua. Inhabits secondary forests in areas with the highest humidity. It feeds on fruits. Nest is located on lateral branches closer to the top of the tree. In clutch there is 1 egg.

In Portugal, even common pigeons maintain a social distance.


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Squirrel cafe

When I forgot to close the window

The student went home during the quarantine, but forgot to close the window in his Kiev dorm room. He did not know that nature was so purified.

Dove and Squirrel

Gomel, park of the Gomel palace and park ensemble

Dove bleeding heart.

Luzon is a secretive pigeon named after a red patch on the chest that resembles a bleeding wound. Luzon lives on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, as well as two neighboring islands.

Dove with a ring.

A pigeon sat on the ship I work on. On the paws there are rings, on one there is an inscription.

The pigeon was very weak. At first I did not eat seeds, perhaps not from our country. I broke some seeds for him, he began to eat. In Busan and Fukuoka, the pigeon did not fly away. On the way to Shanghai, he was already vigorous and began to fly. 08/30/18 in Shanghai, flew to the city. I do not know if this information will be useful to the owner of the bird. Maybe someone from the league of bird watchers will tell you the meaning of the code on the ring.


The raspberry-capped variegated pigeon reaches a length of 19 cm. Sexual dimorphism is not expressed.

The bird has a bright crimson crown of the head. The throat is white. The neck and chest are bluish gray. The bright yellow color of the belly is sharply separated by a gray breast. In males, the plumage of the abdomen with the plumage of the chest is separated by a vague, crimson stripe. In females, this stripe is dimmer. The undertail is orange. The upper part of the body is dark green with a bronze sheen. The irises are orange with yellowish eye rings. The legs are red.


The raspberry-capped motley pigeon lives on the Raja Ampat Islands, as well as in New Guinea. The species inhabits low-lying forests.


Birds keep mainly in trees. They feed on berries and small fruits, including fruits Tristiropsis canarioides... In their ecological niche, they compete for food with the larger black-necked fruit pigeon (Ducula mullerii). Fruits of various types Endiandra play a minor role in the nutritional spectrum. Along with this, the fruits Gymnacranthera paniculataas well as types Polyalthia and Livistona species also matter. The birds even feed on the fruits of the pepper. Although they are not large pigeons, they can absorb fruits with a diameter of 2 cm.