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In the fashion industry, the combination of optimal quality and comfortable fit with short time-to-market is a matter of expertise and experience. But now technology is also playing an increasing role here. Vidya streamlines the design process for new models - not only by saving time, but also through efficient model testing techniques.

The results are impressive: today, with two-thirds of all models being developed, you can save a lot of time and money.

  • high quality and efficiency of the design process,
  • communication platform for coordinating the stages of work without reference to the country and region,
  • the use of real shapes and volumes of the body in the design of design and style,
  • savings on physical prototypes.

3D visualization and modeling.

Vidya is the market leading style modeling tool. It allows you to visualize standardized cut patterns, as well as introduce completely new information into the design process, for example, use the average body sizes of your clients as a model or create and apply ornaments outside the standard sizes. In addition, you can directly use digital 3D data in preparation for work, in marketing processes and in sales.

Errors in the length of the trousers, the misalignment of the pattern, the location of the folds - in Vidya, all the details are striking. This saves time and money during the design process. In Vidya 20.13, the display of materials has been improved, and it has become more convenient to work with the program.

People in 3D

Vidya has basic avatars created based on tables of standard sizes. Since 2013, this 3D software has been supplied with a wide range of scanners and busts. It is based on the body size data from iSize. Thus, the visualization tool allows specific target groups or brand models to be taken into account directly in the design process. As a result, in combination with iSize and Cad Assyst, a continuous process of adjusting the cut according to the new sizing system is ensured, for example for new target groups or in connection with the harmonization of European sizing standards.

Poses and animation

Scanatars and standard models can take any pose in Vidya. Animation is available for the selected model (take a step, extend your arms, sit down). The new release allows you to upload additional movements and perform automatic binding of scanners.

Optimal modeling quality

Vidya faithfully reproduces the texture, appearance and folds of materials, as well as the degree of fit to the body. So, you can visualize both stretch fabric styles and wide-cut models. The program realistically conveys the type of seam and the compaction of the material, caused, for example, by zippers or lining. Vidya 2013 is not limited to this: directly in the process of modeling, you can set the texture of the material, pattern or finish of the fabric. In addition, Vidya now displays lustrous texture, partial sheen, shimmering fabric, wrinkled folds and tone-on-tone patterns, as well as fabric texture and seams (including multicolor) on the inside and outside. The color overlay function allows you to reproduce any texture in any shade of a certain color combination (for example, from Photoshop).

Realistic folds

Waist pleats, ruffles, pleats or casual pleats - Vidya reproduces any variation realistically. Thanks to this, the program provides digital visualization of most of your collections. Thus, you can control the design and silhouette of the cut, as well as find the best project - always in exact accordance with the original two-dimensional pattern data.

Advanced modeling capabilities

Assyst offers high quality real-time playback. It should be noted that there is a realistic display of sewn and sewn elements of different thickness. Cut changes are immediately visible in the running program. Active modeling of an item of clothing is also possible: during the modeling process, you can unfasten and fasten buttons, press a button to raise or lower the collar and much more.

An important innovation in the Vidya 2013 version is the increase in the number of displayed layers from seven to 21, which allows high-quality display of complex, multi-layered models. In addition, Vidya models the shoulder pads, bra cups and padding: in the 2013 release, the displayed material has been increased to 3 cm.This allows you to check the effect of the puffer jacket or see how the bra pads will affect the model. The 2013 version is equipped with numerous new features that make the program more convenient to work with: it is easier to position elements such as hoods, you can view individual work steps in 3D mode, and direct error messages are displayed. The Freeze function is especially useful, blocking those elements of the model that are not currently being processed.

Interaction 2D and 3D

Changes made in Vidya can be transferred directly to a 2D pattern in Cad Assyst. While this concerns individual functions, for example, adjusting the rapport, lengthening and expanding elements or processing the edge of an element. The 2013 release simplifies the preparatory work in CAD thanks to the simultaneous sewing function: you can attach several short fragments at once to a large element. It has become more convenient to create 3D-models of shirts (okat / armhole of the sleeve) or a belt of trousers. Preparation is made even more efficient with the ability to view 3D in 2D-CAD. This function allows you to quickly check the position of the pattern elements.

Innovation store

3D technologies have proven themselves well in the world of vertical connections. Vidya is a link in the technological chain that includes a 3D body scanner, Intailor software for working with a clothing catalog, Cad.Assyst software and a virtual mirror. This creates a continuous process from model development to the store, covering both custom tailoring collections and finished products: with the help of a body scanner, your client is transformed into a 3D model. Cad.Assyst passes data for garments or applies custom dimensions to a selected 2D pattern. After that, the (real) customer can experiment freely, and when tailoring to order, configure the product by choosing the appropriate size, material, color or pattern. As a result, the client chooses the model he likes. Virtual fitting with real dimensions is possible, of course, during the design process on a digital corporate model.


Vidya is one of the most powerful modeling tools in the apparel market. In version 20.13, its performance has increased due to the transition to a 64-bit system, which made it possible to increase the speed of work and increase the amount of RAM. And by increasing the simulation resolution of already modeled elements, the speed becomes even higher.

Vidya Viewer

The free Vidya program for viewing models facilitates their coordination with contractors and partners. It supports Vidya's 3D graphics formats and thus allows you to view 3D models without a Vidya software license.

Reliable support

We will help you throughout the project so that your innovative ideas lead to success - on the right amount, on time and on budget.

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