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Swallow Cotinga is a South American species of passerine birds from the family Citinga, allocated to the monotypic genus Phibalura


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COTING (Сotingidae), bird family neg. passerines. Related to manakin and tyrant. Sizes vary widely: length 8–51 cm, weight from approx. 10 g (king cottinga, Calyptura cristata) to 419 g (red-breasted fruit beetle, Pyroderus scutatus). The wings are usually rounded, the tail is straight, often short, in the swallow cottinga (Phibalura flavirostris) it is long, forked. The beak is short, wide, with a hook at the top, in some species it is elongated and high. The legs are usually short. One of the brightest and most diversely colored representatives of the detachment. In most species, plumage is dominated by yellowish-green, blue, blue, orange, red, purple and violet tones; there are also pure white, black and nondescript colored (brownish or brown) K. In representatives of the genera, ringers (Procnias), umbrella birds (Cephalopterus), rocky cockerels (Rupicola) have bizarre crests, as well as brightly colored non-feathered skin areas or skin outgrowths on the head and neck. Females are usually smaller than males, often colored differently. OK. 33 genera, up to 96 species. C. reach the greatest species diversity in the lowland tropics. forests South. America, some of the species live in the mountains (in the Andes up to the belt of subalpine shrubs at an altitude of 3700 m), some have penetrated into the Center. America, north to Mexico. Lead a sedentary or nomadic lifestyle. Most K. feeds on juicy fruits, plucking them on the fly; some species are insectivorous. Polygams and monogams. Males walk in groups and singly, attracting females with loud voices or sounds made by pointed primary feathers. K.'s nests are usually small, bowl-shaped. In clutch there are 1, rarely 2–3 eggs. Incubation is 17–28 days, chicks leave the nest at the age of 21–44 days. 24 species of K. are included in the IUCN Red Book, one of them is in critical. condition, 6 - endangered, 11 - vulnerable, the number of 6 more species is close to threatened.

Swallow quoting

Swallow Cotinga is a South American species of passerine birds from the family Citinga, allocated to the monotypic genus Phibalura. Body length - 21.5 - 22 cm.

Birds of the nominative subspecies inhabit forests and woodlands, as well as adjacent gardens with unevenly scattered trees on which they usually build nests, at an altitude of 2000 meters. This subspecies is an altitude migrant, nesting in mountainous areas and descending below before southern winter.

Birds of the subspecies P. f. bolivianus lives in humid forests on a large intermontane plateau.

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