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Pink birds


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Glamorous pink - it would seem that it is not too natural for fur. And for the feathers? Of course, a pink flamingo pops up in my head. Well, who else? Now I will show you the pinkest of feathered friends!

1. Flamingo.
In fact, not only pink flamingos exist in the world. This is a separate family, or even a suborder in the order of storks. And sometimes they are completely singled out into their own detachment. All flamingos are more or less pink. There are 4-6 species in total. + somewhat extinct)

Here in this picture we see the common flamingo and the red flamingo. I guess you can guess xy ​​from xy

And this is a small flamingo. Standing out well with its black beak

Crowd of small flamingos

And these yellow-footed friends are Andean flamingos

Now, these are the four types that can be distinguished with not too long gazing. And two more species - the Chilean flamingo and the James Flamingo - are more difficult to distinguish, they both look. well, like a flamingo :) Only sizes vary + you can opel tremins * pinker, longer beak *, etc. Well, in the habitat.
Enough about the flamingos.

2. Pink spoonbill (Platalea ajaja)
The same order as that of flamingos - storks. In general, all other types of spoonbills are mostly white, but pink is glamorous. A bright feature of all spoonbills is a funny beak, which, as it seems to them, is convenient to look for any tasty trifle in the silt. Admiring:

3... Pink pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus)
Well, what am I going to tell you about pelicans? you yourself know everything - large, fish-eating, they flop into the water in a funny way :)

4. Pink cockatoo (Eolophus roseicapilla)
Exclusively Australian bird. It seems to be an ordinary cockatoo. But pink :)

There are other cockatoos with a pinkish tinge. For example, when I was looking for pictures of this pink cockatoo, I saved a bunch of pictures of a completely different kind:

the one with the black beak turned out to be Moluccan cockatoo, also known as the pink-crested cockatoo. But with a white beak. Something I got lost in these parrots)

5... Pink seagull (Rhodostethia rosea)
This species lives in cold waters. Breeds in S.-V. Siberia, West Greenland, and in winter it roams over the expanses of the Arctic Ocean.

6. Pink dove (Streptopelia mayeri or Nesoenas mayeri) (it's just that the taxonomy of pigeons is somewhat complicated and apparently they have not decided on the genus of this bird :) But the second option is often mentioned!)
Endemic about. Mauritius. This pigeon is closely related to the name of Gerald Durrell, who played a large role in the salvation of this species.

And this one is also given for a pink pigeon:

But this Green pink-necked pigeon (Treron vernans)
There are other members of this order, which have pink feathers.

And now to the passerine pink birds. Here I will list very few

7. Pastor (Sturnus roseus)
This bird is already closer to us, it is found already south of the Ural Mountains.

8. Siberian lentils (Carpodacus roseus)

In general, there are sooooo many passerines, and not passerines with elements of pink.
Who else do you remember?)

Where does this pink coloration come from?
In birds, it is due to the presence of carotenoid pigments.But here's the bad luck - animals do not know how to synthesize it and, accordingly, can receive it only with food. For example, flamingos and spoonbills - they get it with crustaceans, which are full of this pigment (but they also did not synthesize it themselves!), Pelicans and terns - from fish, starling - probably from locusts, which are also simply overflowing with this pigment). Carotenoids are synthesized exclusively by plants, algae, bacteria.