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Guinea Fowl vs Chicken - What Makes Them Different


Guinea is a popualar fowl close to chicken breeds with its several sepecies. The guinea fowl chicken is good choice for farmers as well as the bird lovers because of its richness in productivity, meat, eggs and amusement.

Guinea fowl chicken

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1. Provide the guinea fown appropriate training

As talked about earlier, guineas aren't very domesticated birds.
They don't truly require a coop. They may roost within the trees.
Nevertheless, in order for you them to come back home and roost then they'll want a coop.
Should you resolve to start out with keets, you increase them principally as you'll a child chick or duckling. They require a brooder field and starter feed.
They have to be protected against the wind and saved heat for the first few weeks.
You can also increase guinea fowl from adults.
Our first go-round with guineas we raised day outdated keets. We raised all of them the way in which up till they had been ready to start free-ranging, and we messed up huge time.
Guineas journey in close-knit teams so as soon as they're all out and gone, they're gone if they aren't educated that that is dwelling.

We cooped them for about six weeks. Then we allow them to out one by one. We might launch a new guinea about each day or so.
As a result of they won't leave one another, they needed to keep coming dwelling to roost.
By the point all of our guineas had been launched, they knew that this was dwelling.
That is what you'll do whether or not you increase them from keets or not.
Giving them a coop with meals, water, and roosts will entice them to come dwelling each day more so than if you happen to simply let them roost within the bushes.

2. They Are ver noisy

Guinea fowl are 'Chatty Cathy'.
They discuss all of the time.
The hens make a noise that appears like they're saying, “Come again. Come again,” whereas the roosters make a “Chi chi chi” sound.
That is the primary method you may inform your males and females apart.
Not solely do they converse loads, however, they do it loudly.
Guineas are loud creatures. It may be annoying on occasions, however you both select to embrace it, or guineas aren't your cup of tea.

3. Who Wants ADT When You Have Guineas?

This can be a nice good thing about proudly owning guineas.
We don't have a variety of predators around our homestead, however, we did have a stray dog problem.
We increase meat rabbits and sadly, these stray canine had found out we had them. It received to some extent the place we had been going exterior each morning to both discover a hutch destroyed or a rabbit missing.
We tried all the things to catch them within the act however by no means had any luck. Then the canine began getting extra brazen and exhibiting up in the course of the day.
They had been quick. As quickly as we'd come out to seek out them, they'd be gone.
Then we received guineas.
I heard the guineas going nuts the primary few days they had been launched on the property. I went exterior to take a look at what was occurring, and sure enough, there stood a kind of stray dogs.
It was so afraid of them that ultimately, our canine downside ceased.
We had just a few stray cats stalking our chickens as properly. A cat tried to stalk our guinea rooster at some point, and he truly let the cat pounce.
As quickly because the cat pounced, the guinea flew over his head and attacked him. We not have a stray cat downside both.
They may guard your animals and property in opposition to each predator and folks that shouldn't be round.
They're nice to have because of this alone.

4. A Guinea Is Not A Chicken

Chickens are very domesticated birds. You possibly can coop them, free-range them, or do half and half.

Chickens are of high quality with each.

Guineas aren't identical. Until you clip their wings extraordinarily brief, they'll get out of the coop. That's truly a great factor in case you have them for any cause of past meat and eggs.

Guineas are additionally very dominant.

So don't be stunned in the event that they find yourself operating your coop. Our guineas have utterly taken over.

Our chickens had been adjusted ultimately, however you know the guineas have entered the coop while you look out and even the rooster is within the nesting boxes attempting to get out of their method.

Don't let this deter you from protecting your chickens and guineas collectively. Guinea fowl turn out to be tamer when allowed to work together with chickens.

5. Guineas Are Free Entertainment

Raising this breed is quite entertaining. You will have a lot of fun and amusement passing time with them.

Once they shuffle up and down the driveway searching for bugs, it's a lovely sight.

Watching a guinea outsmart a cat after which operating it off is a humorous sight.

Guineas simply add yet another humorous factor to observe when you are out on a homestead. It's nature's free leisure.

6. You Don't Want The Orkin Man-You Need Guineas

Since we've had guineas, we don't have bugs.
They go all through the woods, within the completely different animals' areas, within the backyard, and everywhere in the yard.
Bugs don't stand an opportunity.
That is one other large profit to proudly owning guineas.

7. Guineas Know No Boundaries

Guineas will stroll onto a street and assume they personal it. They may take over the neighbor's yard in the event that they so need.
They know no boundaries.
Once we first received our guineas, they not solely took over our yard and rooster coop however our neighbor's too. Fortunately, he was a great sport about it.
However most Saturday mornings I'd exit to feed the animals and certain sufficient, my neighbor would go into his coop and discover my guinea rooster roosting in his coop.
So within the midst of feeding animals, he'd catch them and cross them over the fence to me. Discuss embarrassing.
However our neighbors have grown to get pleasure from the advantages of guineas too, so all of it labored out.
Plus, all homesteaders know that animals have thoughts of their very own. So my guineas go as much as go to our neighbors and their goats come down to go to us once in a while.

8. Guineas Are Crazy Fast

If you want to catch your guineas, you may neglect it.
They're quick.
The one method you'll most certainly have the ability to catch them is that if they're cooped at night.
Even then, you get just one shot. If you blow it, you won't catch them that night.
So how do you catch them?
You first have to attend until they are cooped.
Then you need to seize them by their wings. We truly use a net, so we don't damage them.
Guinea fowl have actually delicate legs. Should you seize them by their leg, they'll whip-round on you and really break it.
That's the reason it's best to seize them by their wings or simply use a net and catch the entire bird directly.
When you need to catch them be ready to chortle at yourself. It will get humorous quickly.

9. Fly Away Little Guinea

Chickens don't actually fly. They'll use their wings to assist them barely hop to high places, however, they don't soar.
It's nothing for our guinea fowl to fly on high of our home. They sit on our fence posts with ease.
If one thing scares them, they'll simply fly right over it.
you may have seen your guineas strolling again from your relative's home which is across from our house.
They received uninterested in strolling up the driveway, so they only flew from the underside of our driveway over our home, and into the farthest nook of our yard with no problem.
So simply be ready that they may truly soar longer distances than you'd in all probability assume.

10. Guineas Are Low Maintenance Birds

Guineas shouldn't have a coop.
They forage for his or her meals.
Guineas don't want nesting bins.
Sure, a coop is a good suggestion as we mentioned beforehand.
However, in all actuality, guineas are tremendous low upkeep. There are not any nesting bins to scrub, no massive coop to take care of.
They're simply pleased to fly around your property and eat your bugs.
You don't get way more low-maintenance than that.
Having these wonderful birds as a part of your homestead will give it a whole feeling.
Sure, they've their professionals and cons, however from my private expertise, I wouldn't commerce my guineas.
They've been way more of an assist round our homestead than a hindrance.

11. Guineas Are Excellent Gardeners

Guineas are great at consuming bugs. They've saved our backyard from being ravaged by the June Bugs.
What's much more wonderful is that they don't destroy your backyard.
Chickens wish to eat bugs, however, they'll additionally eat your vegetation and scratch the bottom throughout them.
Ducks are nice at consuming bugs, like a rooster. Nevertheless, their toes are so huge that if the vegetation isn't massive sufficient, they'll squoosh them within the technique of consuming the bugs off of them.
And geese like certain vegetation too.
Guineas don't do this.
They eat the bugs, are delicate on the vegetation, and don't scratch the bottom.
If you're like us and attempt to develop as a lot of your individual meals as attainable, then guineas are a fantastic little weapon to unleash on these undesirable backyard pests.

12. Guineas Are Poor Mother

Guinea fowl are fast-paced, flighty birds.
They're additionally seasonal layers. They like to nest on the bottom as an alternative to nesting bins as chickens do.
It takes guineas about 26-28 days to hatch a full clutch.
Quite a lot of occasions they may make a nest off within the woods. Should you discover it, it's a good suggestion to maneuver the nest again to the coop.
Guineas are usually nice setters.
The issue is that after the eggs hatch, the mothers are off and operating once more. They take their infants by way of moist areas which may trigger them to relax and finally die.
So what do you do if you wish to increase these child guineas?
You have got two choices:
Put the guinea eggs below a broody hen. She is going to increase them as her personal and take nice care of them.
Incubate the eggs and lift them as you'll day outdated keets that you just bought.
Should you depart issues within the hand of a guinea hen, sadly, the keets will in all probability not survive.

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