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Welsh Harlequin ducks are a reasonably new breed, developed by Leslie Bonnett in Wales from two lighter colored Khaki Campbells ducklings in 1949. They got here to the US in 1968 and have been accepted into the American Poultry Affiliation in 2001 within the 'Gentle Duck' class. They're a good looking hen, particularly the feather patterns and colors on the females.

Welsh Harlequin ducks profile

Welsh Harlequin ducks have gotten a very fashionable breed on account of their multi-purpose traits.

They're glorious egg producers, on account of their khaki Campbell background, and have the intuition to sit down and hatch a nest filled with ducklings. They'll additionally make an excellent dressed hen for meat production.


The Welsh Harlequin is a breed of home duck originating in Wales. In 1949, in Criccieth, Group Captain Leslie Bonnet found a color mutation amongst his flock of Khaki Campbells and started selective breeding for the trait. By 1968, hatching eggs have been exported to the US, adopted by the importation of dwell birds in 1981.

Welsh Harlequin ducks Description

In the present day, the Welsh Harlequin is a lightweight duck breed identified for its vivid plumage and egg-laying capacity.

Over time the color and conformation of the breed have modified, indicating that possible new blood of one other breed has been launched.

Welsh Harlequin ducks weigh 4.5 to 5.5 kilos (2-2.5 kilos). Females have a black bill and brown legs and ft, and their plumage is just like a mallard however closely frosted with white. Additionally, they lack the attention stripes of mallard females.

Drakes are additionally similar to a closely frosted Mallard with a yellow/inexperienced bill and orange legs and feet.

There's additionally a coloration variation often known as “golden”, standard within the UK, which replaces the black feather pigments with a light golden brown coloration. Welsh Harlequins have a singular, pure sex-linked attribute.

As day olds, intercourse will be decided based mostly on bill color with over 90% accuracy. Younger drakes could have darker payments whereas feminine with has lighter with a darkish spot on the tip of the bill.


These Welsh Harlequin ducks are calm, inquisitive, and glorious foragers. Apparently, Welsh Harlequin ducklings will be sexed after hatching with a 90% accuracy by their bill coloration.

Darker payments usually point out a male, and light-weight payments ending in a darkish spot a feminine. This will solely be seen simply after hatching, as after a number of days this distinction disappears.

Welsh Harlequin ducks Varieties

Gold and Silver. The Silver coloration has a better distinction and brilliance than the Gold, which has comfortable colors and no black pigment. The speculum of the Silver is iridescent blue, relatively than the bronze of the Gold.

Egg Shade

Pearly white; some geese lay tinted eggs.

Laying Habits

Good layers, producing 100-350 eggs per year. Females will brood and lift their very own chicks.


4.5-5.5 kilos (2-2.5 kg)


Curious, lively forager, but in addition calm and never readily alarmed. Poor flier. Males have excessive libido and {couples} breed readily. Take care to not preserve an excessive ratio of drakes to geese as males might harm females.

Welsh Harlequin ducks Uses

Twin-purpose for eggs and meat. Lean carcass. Pale feathers on the breast allow clear plucking. They're standard as pets and yard Welsh Harlequin ducks on account of their placid nature. Drakes from egg-laying strains are used as sires for hybrid layers.


Extremely adaptable, environment-friendly foragers. Pale coloring makes geese susceptible to predation.

Welsh Harlequin ducks Eggs

The birds produce a lean carcass and are lively foragers, although they're typically extra susceptible to predators resembling birds of prey on account of their mild coloration.

The egg-laying skill is very valued because the manufacturing exhibited by some geese rivals that of hens.

The breed is vulnerable to broodiness and a pair can simply produce younger without human interference.

They've to turn out to be a well-liked yard pet lately because of the hen's calm demeanor and excessive egg production.


The Welsh Harlequin was admitted to the American Poultry Affiliation's Customary of Perfection in 2001.

As of 2016, the Welsh Harlequin in North America has jumped from essential to watched by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Watch the video: Hatching Welsh Harlequin Ducklings (October 2022).