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Blue-capped mouse bird


Urocolius (lat.) - a small genus of birds from the family of bird-mice. This genus includes 2 modern species: red-faced and blue-capped mouse birds. Also found several fossil skeletons of birds, which scientists rank as one extinct species and include it in the genus Urocolius.


Scientific name Urocolius consists of two roots: uro and colius. Uro comes from the Greek word oura Is the tail, and the word colius - the Latin name of bird-mice, according to different versions it may come from the word keleos - the Greek name for woodpecker, or from the Greek koloios - jackdaw, or from Greek koleos - translated meaning scabbard.


Small birds with long and stepped tails. The plumage is gray or gray-green. The total length is 30-40 cm, of which 20-30 cm falls on the tail. Body weight - 35-80 g.


The diet includes a variety of tree fruits, leaves, buds, buds, flowers and nectar, as well as insects.

Distribution and habitats

They settle in thickets of bushes and forests. They live in vast areas of Africa, south of the Sahara Desert.


According to the official website of the International Union of Ornithologists, as of December 2016, the genus includes 2 species:

  • Red-faced mouse bird (Urocolius indicus (Latham, 1790))
  • Blue-capped mouse bird (Urocolius macrourus (Linnaeus, 1766))

To the family Urocolius also belongs to an extinct species:

  • Urocolius archiaci (remains date from the early Miocene, found at Saint-Gerand-le-Puy in France)


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