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Merging with History International Festival, Khary Bulbul, in Shusha (PHOTOS)


BAKU, Azerbaijan, March 8Trend Life:International Festival "Khary Bulbul" merging with history " - about a significant musical event, which was traditionally held every year in the Caucasus in the city of Shusha of Azerbaijan, Trend Life reports in the press service of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan.

"In fact, the Khary Bulbul International Festival has started, associated with the 100th anniversary of the famous Azerbaijani singer Seyid Shushinsky. The name of the festival is taken from the name of the Khary Bulbul flower that grows in Karabakh near the Uchmykh Mountain. The Khary Bulbul flower in the world grows only in Shusha, has an unusual appearance and, looking at this flower, you can clearly see the similarity with a nightingale.

The festival was held in the city of Shusha, which is the cradle of music and culture of Azerbaijan.

The history of the city of Shushi was established by the ruler of the Karabakh Khanate, which was one of the states on the territory of Azerbaijan, Panahali Khan Janvanshir.

At first, only Azerbaijanis lived in the ancient part of the city "Gadim" and "Yeni Shusha".Quarters were gradually built around the fortress and, thus, the Shusha fortress soon, from 1756 to 1823, was the capital of the Karabakh Khanate of Azerbaijan.

By this time, this festival became famous throughout the world.

But everything was destroyed after the capture of the center of Azerbaijani ancient culture and music of the city of Shushi by the armed forces of Armenia on May 8, 1992. This war brought misfortune to the people, 20 percent of the territories of Azerbaijan were captured, one million inhabitants, Shushi left the lands of their ancestors. The cities were destroyed. The dreams of many have been destroyed. Now they are looking forward to returning to their homelands.

The international festival "Khary Bulbul" was organized every year in the month of May. This festival was attended by musicians from Japan, USA, Turkey, Germany, Israel, Italy, Spain, Austria, Afghanistan, from the union republics of the former USSR - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, from autonomous structures - Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Dagestan. Gagauzians from Moldova even performed at this festival.

At that time, this festival was considered one of the most important cultural events not only in Azerbaijan, but throughout the world in terms of importance, level, diversity.

The creativity of the participating groups at the International Festival "Khary Bulbul" was conventionally divided into three groups: 1. ritual and ritual dances, 2. folk songs and dances, 3. songs and dances in the genre of modern stage. The Khary Bulbul festival, with its rich repertoire, literally turned into an international holiday.Both masters and amateur groups performed at a high level.

Before the festival, scientific and theoretical discussions were held at a round table. The main topic of discussion was virtuosity, improvisation of mugam mastery. Along with these discussions, the guests got acquainted with the remarkable places of Karabakh, met with workers, participated in various disputes. Naturally, all these meetings were accompanied by musical groups.

The expected day remained in the memory of everyone with a wonderful panorama - a caravan of cars ascending to Shusha, enveloped in music.

In Shusha, which was considered the crown of Karabakh, everything was fine. And nature, preliminary works have enhanced this beauty. Carpets were spread all around. The emblem "Khary Bulbul" on the panel gave Shusha an amazing mood. Indeed, the beauty of the mountains was enveloped in a delightful holiday. Amateur groups greeted guests and all participants of the festival on the main square of Shushi. Guys and girls in national dress gave them flowers, sherbet and salt with bread. In many cases, guests were surprised by various gifts.

At the monuments of famous personalities of the city of Shushi - the poet Khan gizi Natavan, the famous musicologist, the founder of the first opera in the East, the author of "Arshin Mal Alan" Uzeyir Hajibeyli, the famous singer Bulbul - wreaths of flowers were laid. The stunning sounds of Dzhangi, the famous overture from the opera "Korogly", spread throughout the city's outskirts. Holding hands, the yalls danced - a round dance.

Collectives replaced each other, guests and representatives danced.

And with such a high mood, with joy, passing through the streets of the city, the caravan of cars set off for the famous Jydyr plain. The whole city was shaken by the sound of music. And sometimes weddings gave this festival an amazing beauty. The reason for the joy of the participants was the bride and groom. The guests congratulated the new family, talked with their parents and relatives. The international festival "Khary Bulbul" turned into a symbol of the happiness of the new family.

The races of the famous Karabakh horses began. This beauty, taking place at the races, gave the guests a wonderful experience. In the mountains, resonant and wonderful voices were reflected, drinking water from the famous spring of Isa Bulagy.

The guests were most surprised by the Khary bulbul flower, picked from the Uchmykh mountain. They turned to stone before the beauty of nature.

The organization of the festival in Shusha is natural, because this city was called the "Conservatory of the South Caucasus". Here were born and raised Uzeyir Hajibeyli, the founder of the professional music of Azerbaijan, the outstanding composer Soltan Hajibeyli, the author of the first Azerbaijani ballet Afrasiyab Badalbeyli, the creator of the first children's ballet Ashraf Abbasov, the virtuoso conductor Niyazi, the world famous for their wonderful voices Bulbul, Rashid Behbut mugam art - Zulfi Adygozalov, Kechachi Mahammed, Khan Shushinski, Abulfat Aliyev and dozens of masters grew up in this city. Shusha has been the cradle of Azerbaijani music and dances since the first days.

Traditionally, the conclusion of the festival took place in the city of Agdam - in the eternal spring garden of the poetess Khan gizi Natavan called "Bouquet of Khary Bulbul". Each flower of the bouquet, from which the aroma of flowers emanates, was handed out to all the festival participants.

Azerbaijan's poet-publicist Shahmar Akberzade wrote: "Each participant of the Khary Bulbul International Music Festival is a moth sunbathing in the flame of art."

Unfortunately, the capture of Karabakh prevented these butterflies from flying towards the light. The International Festival "Khary Bulbul" has been held in Karabakh for 23 years. Now in the mountains of Karabakh, music is not heard, other sounds are heard there.

We believe that the occupation will end soon and peace will be restored in the Caucasus. The sounds of music will rise in Shusha and other cities, and international events will be held.

The bombarded monuments of the great composer Uzeyir Hajibeyli, Bulbul and the poetess Natavan, who made a great contribution to world art, will be returned to their homeland, Shusha. "

The material was prepared by the director of the Azerbaijan Cultural Center. Heydar Aliyev at the Embassy of Azerbaijan in the Republic of Uzbekistan by Samir Abbasov.